Why Bonzai

We’ve been building SharePoint solutions for years.
Now, we’re making history with Bonzai – a dramatically evolved, ready-to-roll intranet for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

Bonzai Delivery Methodology

The Bonzai Intranet delivery methodology guides you step-by-step through objective setting, planning and design, ownership and roll out to smoothly and successfully launch the most extraordinary employee collaboration, communication and engagement workspace on SharePoint and Office 365.

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  • Clarify Vision and Define Success

    It’s easy to achieve your intranet vision when you know where you’re going and what milestones you need to hit. We start by defining project outcomes and success metrics, and identifying issues and risks to make sure you get the most out of your SharePoint and Office 365 workspace.

  • Project Planning and Initiation

    Next steps include developing a detailed project plan including all Intranet Committee and Bonzai team activities and milestones, based on your target launch date. Weekly team meetings, coupled with a SharePoint team site for project artifacts, facilitate a two-way flow of information between all team members.

  • Infrastructure Readiness

    Bonzai Consultants assess your current SharePoint infrastructure for readiness, work with your IT team to update or fine tune the environment if required, and make sure everyone understands how the installation will proceed.

  • Features Overview and Configuration Requirements

    Understanding what you want your intranet portal to do, and what the constraints are is essential to aligning Bonzai to your needs. Bonzai's pre-built feature set is reviewed in detail, along with its flexible configuration options.