Why Bonzai

We’ve been building SharePoint solutions for years.
Now, we’re making history with Bonzai – a dramatically evolved, ready-to-roll intranet for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

Bonzai Delivery Methodology

The Bonzai Intranet delivery methodology guides you step-by-step through objective setting, planning and design, ownership and roll out to smoothly and successfully launch the most extraordinary employee collaboration, communication and engagement workspace on SharePoint and Office 365.

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  • Content Audit

    Useful, relevant and engaging content is critical to success. We inventory existing content to identify gaps, and outline required content along with owners and timelines.

  • Information Architecture

    We educate ourselves on your existing content and future content needs, then follow intranet best practices to develop a Bonzai Information Architecture (IA) that determines the structural design, navigation and metadata. We also test your IA with your end user employees to ensure that information can be found quickly and easily.

  • Branding Options and Functional Prototypes

    Bonzai color options are presented based on your corporate branding guidelines and real functional prototypes for each major section is created using Bonzai.